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Questions deserving attention in construction

        a.In the summer and winter construction, should pay attention to what the problem?

In summer construction without special attentions should be paid to the problem of. But the winter construction should pay special attention to. Because the latex paint film on the latex particle aggregation film, when the temperature is too low, reaches the water freezing temperatures, the resulting crystal will destroy the latex film, even breaking, it is possible to make the film powder or powder, directly affect the film appearance and life. The latex paint is suitable in 0 ℃above, construction in winter and next week construction environment should be maintained at 5. The large temperature difference between day and night should be no less than 5at night.

        b.Coating crack of the main reasons for what?

Crack cause analysis: the plaster layer plastering mortar, is generally made of cement, sand, water of three elements, each component in the plaster layer occupies a certain weight space. The role of water to cement hydration and let the plastering mortar with mobility, and cement hydration water accounts for only part of the total amount, the plaster layer of mortar has quite one part become involved in the response of free water, free water along with the time and the outside temperature and humidity changes can evaporate into the atmosphere environment, moisture evaporation after leaving space lead plaster layer volume contraction, the plaster layer near the structure layer by layer side does not shrink to offset the plaster layer contraction, but in the plaster layer and a coating layer side of good air permeability, large amounts of moisture evaporation resulted in shrinkage is larger, so that the plaster layer cracking, and lead paint layer cracking. Coating layer and the color layer combination processing is undeserved, cause coating layer and the plaster layer adhesive force is too small, such as paint thinner too much to paint too thin, or plaster layer interface ash is too much wait for a reason, leaving two layer interfacial adhesion is insufficient to offset the plaster layer from outside or its dry volume due to the changes of surface damage, namely the plaster layer without cracks and cracks of coating layer. The coating itself quality problems, coating layer can resist outside normal temperature changes cause cracking. Finishing construction thick coating or a coating is coated with wet, low film evaporation caused by volume contraction led to the drying of the surface cracking.

         c.Latex paint coating color, tint unevenness is what causes, how to overcome?

Latex paint coating color, color is not uniform for many reasons, both the coating itself, there are applied and the substrate surface and other factors. The coating itself floating color. Paint the final show of color is determined by a variety of pigment blending. Each pigment density in different, sometimes large differences, resulting in low density particles floating in the above, density of the particles in the following aggregation occurs, causing the color separation. In the construction, due to uneven walls, uneven thickness, construction unskilled will cause color depth. The grass surface roughness of different, applied coating absorbing inhomogeneous, primary alkaline too large, but also easy to cause the color depth. To overcome the coating color, tint unevenness should do: before the construction should be fully stirred, so that uniform, no floating color or precipitation. During construction, not any diluted in water. Construction should be uniform, in strict accordance with the operating rules. Coating is too thick, the film more thick, more prone to flooding and floating. Basic water content <6%, pH value of <10. In order to make the primary absorption coating uniformity, best applying primer.


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