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Color is the most environmentally friendly air-conditioning

Color is the most environmentally friendly air-conditioning

If you can master the warm and cool colors using the method, it can well by changing the color to regulate people''s mental temperature, reducing the use of air conditioning, so as to save energy, protect environment.

In summer, the use of white or light blue curtains, can let a person feel the interior cool. If matched with cool interior decorating, can play a better effect. In the winter, changed into warm with warm cloth curtain, tablecloth, sofa sets also changed into warm, can make the room feel warm. Warm warmth than cool color cool manufacturing manufacturing more significant effect. Therefore, cold-blooded person best fitting into the warm room. The experiment makes clear, warm and cool colors can make room for mental temperature difference 2~3.

Another example, some restaurants and plant decoration for the cold tone, the results to the winter will receive a customer or employee complaints, and the tone changed to warm, the complaint will greatly reduce. Thus, the color can adjust temperature action, although only one mental temperature, but at least can make people feel comfortable, reduce the use of air-conditioning, so as to save energy, protect the environment of our earth.

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