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How to identify the quality of coating


1、How to identify the quality of coating

The choice of paint can see, smell, touch, try, brush and other ways to really identify paint quality.


The purchase of paint, the first from the product packaging, brochures, testing report to see two important indicators, is resistant to wash-down times, one is VOC and formaldehyde content. The former is

Coating a comprehensive index, it not only represents the paint is easy to clean, but also represents the water resistance, alkali resistance and coating film tough situation. The latter is paint environmental health

Mark. Resistance paint shoe times higher, on behalf of the general coating is better, high-end interior wall paint should million more resistant to times of brushing. Coating for VOC and formaldehyde content usually

On behalf of the coating performance of environmental protection, indicators should be as low as possible.


The smell of paint taste to buy, the smaller the better. Such as pungent flavor is doubt or. Real net flavor coating should only subtle paint taste, not by

Add spice to cover the smell. Really good paint, VOC is zero or very low, so the taste is very small.


Can view or touch coating model, to distinguish the quality of paint film. Good latex paint film is relatively dense, soft, often glossy; and the difference of latex paint is usually more than

A rough.


All kinds of brand stores are usually display of product model, can be through a variety of different test methods for the properties of the coating, view, such as: scratch resistance, stain resistance, some

The paint could be the index without mark, must let the sales staff on the indicators were responsible.


If possible, preferably yourself to try to paint. Open the paint bucket, with a wooden stir the paint, to see whether caking inside, if there are lumps, the coating

Material has been bad. With a wooden pick out a little paint, observe the dirty state, if the coating into filamentous continuous dirty, not broken into pieces, the coating with good fluidity, decoration

Good effect. Hand twist twist coating, can feel its delicate degree, the more detailed the better. If the shop has a scraper, scraper fineness can be borrowed to see, the more detailed the better. Use scraper

In the black and white paper on scraping film, can be compared to the black and white cover, the black cover as possible, explain its coverage as possible, can also use brushes to brush,Experience the paint smell, flow parallel, hiding power performance.

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