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The psychological feeling warm and cold colors

The psychological feeling warm and cold colors

The color has unbelievable magic, will give people a feeling of great impact. For example, the color can make the person''s time of confusion, this is one of many of its magic. Look at the red, would feel that the time than the actual time is long, and looked at the blue sense of time than the actual time is short.

Color let people feel warm and cold branch. However, this is just the color of the psychological effect in the most common kind. Red, orange, pink, is warm, can be reminiscent of flame and the sun and other things, let a person feel warm. In contrast, blue, green, blue and green are called cool color, the color reminiscent of water and ice, makes people feel cold.

By the way, in the four seasons of temperate regions of people, can make better use of warm and cool colors. For example, they can according to seasonal changes to adjust indoor ornaments and clothing color. Even though many people do not know what is warm and cool colors, but can feel the different color temperature difference, in order to better regulate its temperature.

Warm and cool colors make people feel the temperature will be the impact of color brightness. High-visibility colour, will make people feel cold or cool; Mingdu low color, will make people feel warm. Compared with the dark blue, light blue look cool; compared with pink, red looks more warmth.

Cold and warm in the psychological feeling it differs from man to man. This difference is caused by a different environment and personal experience caused. For example, in a world of ice and snow of the North who grew up, see the cool colors associated with ice, and they see the cool feel colder. And in the tropical islands to grow, to see the cool is difficult to realize the cold, this is because they basically did not feel the cold. In the tropics, even the water is warm. Accordingly, want to know a person on the cool or warm feeling, we must first understand his growth environment.


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