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Historical origin
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Canada Crawford paint was founded in 1933, is located in the province of Canada Columbia Delta city, at the end of the 90''''s to enter the Chinese market, so for many years to high-quality products and good services zero complaint, make project business is constantly expanding and developing, with the customer to maintain the special relationship, this relationship is based on the high quality products and the distinguished customer service support. In order to ensure that our quality of coating application, 2004 in China Conghua City Guangdong Province set up factories, specifically a production of cement mortar additive, external wall insulation mortar, external wall insulation board adhesive mortar, putty, putty within the external walls of the screed, used for supporting our coating to open interior, exterior contracting package materials engineering. After years of repeated construction projects construction practice, the company has a complete set of construction scheme, the company gradually in the industry formed to have their own characteristics of high quality reputation.

After many years of efforts, we in China established a strong reputation, extraordinary Kapok Paint factory, shou ben trading company, Kapok building materials company, Papok Decoration Engineering company. We recently in Asia business also demonstrates that our continuous investment has made long-term development.




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