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Kapok Paint was established in 1933 in Delta cities of Columbia, Canada, carried out business in China in the mid-90s and built factories in Guangdong Province, China. The company keeps good relations with customers, such relations are maintained based on the high quality products and professional services provided.
A business philosophy of "Factory built for you" established a good reputation for the company. Up to today, we have developed into a well-known paint manufacturer in China. The combination of superb raw materials and technology, modern production equipments and the most stringent quality control make the quality of our products in full compliance with the requirements of professional customers. Kapok Paint is proud of high-quality environmental friendly products. Equally important is that we continue to strengthen the operation of the business enterprise value.
We believe that the basis for smooth operation is an active group. Recently, we are expanding our business in Asia and other places, which demonstrates that our continuous investment has made great progress in development. We have established smooth business operations and we hope that this Website will help you understand the development history of Kapok Paint. We will continue to pursue high-quality.

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