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Paint dosage calculation
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Paint dosage calculation

1, there are many packaging?
There are 4 groups of packaging:
3.78L ( 1 gallons )
18.9L ( 5 gallons )
2, we should be brushed a few times to complete?
Usually brushing 1~2 times, in cans packaging paper also illustrated, and the usual description also mentioned in what situation you want to use a primer.
In 3, 3.78L latex paint usually painted much of the area?
Usually 3.7L latex paint brush about 36 square meters, but the real area or will increase or decrease, typically affect the use of the area factor:
Projection area and the area difference
Rugged places
Wall of latex paint the extent of absorption of different
The old wall color
Use of color
What quality latex paint (high quality, high covering power or general latex paint )
4, needs to use how much paint?
A measure of the actual use of the area
Selection of varieties of paint on the use of the area
With a total area of the use of the area in addition to tank

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