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Construction of knowledge

A. inner wall construction.

( 1) surface pretreatment

( 2) the finished product protection

( 3) the choice of quality tools

( 4) select high-quality paint

1, surface pretreatment > >

The removal of Streptomyces

If your wall having black, gray and brown spotted the mildew, so should be removed before painting primer, paint mildew. If left untreated, it will penetrate the new coating continued growth, thereby destroying your painting work. Mildew easily in warm, humid, less light environment in the lush growth. The laundry room, bathroom and basement to carefully check. If the mildew has, with three parts of water against a household bleach to form the mixed solution treatment. Sponge with bleach solution on a mold surface and the surrounding area, 30-60 cm, to make it more thoroughly. The solution on the surface at least 20 minutes left, to be dry before adding solution. Rinse thoroughly with water in the region, and then with a mild detergent solution, washing, then rinse with water.

Surface cleaning

Clean surface will make the adhesion of coatings to maximize. For the walls and the smooth surface, use a cloth or sponge dipped in a mild detergent solution, scrub is enough. A rough surface, such as cement stone or ceramic tile, can use the bristle brush cleaning. Then rinse thoroughly with water, to remove any residual cleaning agent, and then let the surface completely dry.

Pretreatment of Gao Guang surface

Fresh coating can not adhere well to the high light surface, especially old paint surface, therefore recommended that all the high light surface polishing treatment, in order to obtain optimum adhesion primer or paint. Using fine-grained sandpaper and grinding surface, such as #180 or #220. After polishing, use wet cloth to wipe all the dust.

Other uncoated surface pretreatment

New wallboard

Coating of similar new gypsum board material like this before, ensure that you have all joints and repair are polished smooth, and has to use cloth to remove dirt. Then general stain blocking wall primer.

New gypsum board

Let the gypsum board is completely dry. For local repair work, the drying time required for one to two days. For the larger area, such as walls and ceilings, drying time could take a week or longer, depending on the weather and the indoor humidity condition to decide. Once dry, all the rough area must use the size of sanded smooth, and fine-grained sandpaper is treated for two times. With a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust on the surface, and then for gypsum surface stains closed inner wall latex coating. Grinding wear a mask and protective glasses.

Ceramic tile

Handle all possible pecky region, and check the cement slurry junction, necessary to repair these places. Followed by a cleaning agent and non metal brush scrubbing the surface. Rinse and dry thoroughly. In order to ensure maximum adhesion, using fine-grained ( #220 ) alumina sandpaper polished ceramic tile surface. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of. The use of high adhesion to the inner wall latex adhesive primer. This primer, require the use of respirator and maintain good ventilation conditions. Before coating finish, let primer dry thoroughly.

Pretreatment before the old wall surface

Check for surface cracking, spalling, have fallen and loosening of the film. Such as cracking, spalling, loose paint, application of scraper clean, and then with water thoroughly clean the wall, so that the wall clean.

High quality waterproof putty repair wall or a full blow to wall formation, followed by the coarse granularity, granularity and fine-grained sandpaper polished surface. And then coated with primer, topcoat can be.

Pretreatment with wallpaper surface

Prior to coating, preferably the wallpaper and residual adhesive removal. Otherwise, you will encounter all sorts of problems. Available spalling, immersion and scraping, or steaming and scraping method to remove wallpaper, erasing all the glue or adhesive, and rinse thoroughly. Then use the high-quality putty repair all gouge or scratches and dust, and then polished with sandpaper. Prior to coating, should be on the interior wall latex stains closed primer.

2, finished product protection "

( 1) shall be cleaned every time before finishing the surrounding environment; to prevent dust pollution coating, coating not drying shall not cleaning the surface, after drying can not close to the wall to water, so as not to defile the veneer.

( 2) each over the coating construction shall be shut, preventing touch touch, nor by the wall put shovels and other tools.

( 3 ) in the construction process, such as the case of a sudden drop in temperature, shall take the necessary measures to protect.

( 4) the last gloss paint brush is completed, the air to flow, to prevent the coating after drying surface without light or lack of luster.

( 5 ) the fire not near the wall.

( 6) windows and doors, skirting boards to keep clean and tidy.

( 7) coating finished construction, should press coating use the time and conditions for curing, coating completely dry before use.

3, the choice of Quality Tools > >


And inferior cheap paintbrush, high-quality paint usually have longer mane and internal partition, for efficient coating to provide full dipping paint. Mane end than the soft tip or in separate, but also a paintbrush is conical, mid long mane, mane short external. This means that the coating will be more smooth, more uniform brush. Should choose a bare wood brush handle, instead of plastic handle or painting of the wooden handle, so you hold more firmly. In addition, rust-proof metal ring should be nailed on the wooden handle, instead of being pressed on the top, it is not easy to lose hair brushes.

Paint brush bristles into polyester nylon mane, mane and natural bristles. As a result of natural latex products in the mane easily absorb moisture and deformation, so the artificial bristle brush is more suitable for coating latex paint. Paint brush before use should be soaking. Coating latex paint, first soak with water paint. Coating of oil paint, first with paint thinner paint immersion. In the paint brush into the paint before, should brush bristles squeezed.

High quality paint brush can bring you a better covering power and durability, thicker consistency better film. With the brush mark coating photograph is compared, smooth coating has better resistance to soiling and mildew resistance.


High quality roller nap is usually thick and very soft, to obtain a more adequate stain paint, not easy to appear the paint drip and splash phenomenon. They can also provide a solid and very smooth coating. Better quality of the roller will not crack, not easy to deformation, do not drop down, durable.

Usually, 0.6 cm to 1 cm short fur roller is most suitable for brushing the smooth surface, while the 1.3 cm to 2.5 cm long hair roller is used for brushing rough cement cement brick stone surface or by a wall.

Spray gun

If your painting work suitable for the use of spray gun, please choose a quality gun. Better quality of the spray gun can provide very uniform spraying effect, smooth coating, coating does not fall, their performance is usually very reliable.

4, select high-quality paint > >

Not all of the paint can create the same painting effect. The high quality coating can provide excellent benefits. They are attached to the surface of the substrate is better, and uneven color has better hiding power. They can also provide better scrub resistance, hiding power and stain removal properties also were better than the cheap coating. Although each liter of high quality paint cost rises somewhat, but because they are more durable, annual maintenance costs low, so select high-quality paint is actually much more economic.

Your choice of rating by the appearance of demand and the function demand two respects set. Each paint has unique properties, it can highlight or masking characteristics of buildings and structures. In order to in a large area of the wall to obtain a consistent appearance, matt paint is the best choice. It can be well covered pits and crease, but with a satin or half light formula compared, it is easy to accumulate dust and stains.

The most lasting luster of mercerized finish, still intact, which are generally in the large area of the wall painting. This kind of paint dust, stain resistance and anti polishing were superior flat formula, more suitable for brushing in often through wall.

Semi gloss paint can be well lining thommen, decorative borders and other architectural details, to attract the eye effect. More and more homeowners and contractors started using this finish, it will be in greater surface coating. Semi gloss paint also has certain dustproof and mildew resistance. The need for light exterior wall, it is a good choice, such as a bathroom or kitchen wall, but it will highlight the unevenness of the surface of parts.

High light topcoat topcoat for more than half the light brightness highlight decorative frame, door, window. The past only oily coating containing high light product, now this paint latex formulations produced by.

Ceiling paint can diffuse from the lamp and the window light, and has excellent anti splashing. But because of its covering and scrub resistance was not strong, is not recommended to use it painting wall. Standard flat paint is also applicable to the ceiling.

B. external coating construction of knowledge

Construction technical specification for application of waterborne coatings for exterior wall

According to China''s construction market needs and the development of the state of the wall outside the protection of a series of reform, exterior architectural coatings building decoration engineering has become the essential building materials. Therefore, in accordance with the people''s Republic of China industry standard JGJ73-91 " Building Decoration Engineering Code for construction and acceptance of " relevant sections prepared to develop the construction industry development is higher than the national standards and industry standards of " technical code for application of building exterior wall coating ", to meet the needs of the domestic construction industry Decoration Engineering needs.

One, foreword

1 in order to ensure the quality of products and building coating for exterior wall of building decoration engineering construction quality, especially the preparation of the technical specification.

2 this regulations applies to waterborne exterior wall paint engineering construction and acceptance.

3 exterior wall paint engineering construction safety technology, labor protection, fire protection, according to the relevant provisions of the state.

Two, coating material quality requirements

1 products should be attached " test report ", " paint ", " import certificate certificate " and other technical documents

2 products should be consistent with the Chinese GB/T9755-2001 superior product the standard

In three, the general rules of coating engineering:

( 1) the plastering and concrete quality requirements shall be in accordance with the JGJ73-91 Building Decoration Engineering Code for construction and acceptance of.

( 2) wall of shell, crack, hand and foot support shall be flat correction, required to clear the wall all residual pulp, waste, pollution.

( 5) wall plate plastering surface layer two side to do water retaining end, eaves, windows tray bottom must be drip line, the top plate top balcony parapet, plastering surface flashings shall be to the inside.

( 6) construction of exterior wall paint before the deal with basic level, cracks and other indicators of quality inspection, and make the record, approval before coating construction.

( 7) coating substrate or base moisture content, concrete and plaster surface wet rate not greater than 10%, pH value is less than 9.

( 9) coating engineering using putty, general should be consistent with the water-resistant putty JGT154-2004 P standard, flexible putty shall comply with R standard.

( 10) coating against the water, must Carver product application provisions to be controlled, so that in the paint coating does not flow around, lines are uniform, the coating process must not be arbitrary dilution and blending.

( 11) construction, after again paint before again paint after drying, each one should be applied uniformly coating, each layer must be firm combination.

( 12) coating before drying, should prevent rain, dust pollution, is applied when the temperature of the environment, should be in the 5 degrees celsius.

( 13) adopts a mechanical spraying paint, spraying parts shall be covered, in order to prevent pollution.

( 14) coating construction by building from the mountain, each time brushing to dividing joint, wall corner junction or spout for community.

( 15) applied tools should be cleaned after use.

( 16) coating after the completion of construction, are facing protection.

Four, paint construction technology

( 1) this section applies to the concrete surface and the plastering surface coating layer coating engineering.

( 2) coating for exterior wall coating should be basic level surface pockmark and slot putty filled flush, and polished with sandpaper. Base on the surface of the dust, dirt, splash and mortar flow mark clear clean, and then blows the putty, primer coating, coated surface coating.

( 3) scraping putty: according to the construction method to adjust construction required for viscosity, with rubber or plastic scraping on the wall surface is scraped, coating to even try to thin, generally was two, the wall can be scraped, drying takes about two days. ( putty for on-site deployment, use namely, 3 hours will be adjusted the putty used. )

(4 ) basic good putty completely dry, remove burrs, and with 120 paper burnished.

(5 ) according to the carver product instructions to select a matching primer, with the roll coating, brushing, spraying construction again can be.

( 6) applying a surface coating available quality drum first from left to right and from top to bottom brush, brush, in order to paint for coating flat, smooth, uniform pattern.

( 7) when coating, grasp the drying speed, no paint lap and gel coated phenomenon, each over the paint should not be applied too thick, uniform coating, color can be.

( 8) coating for exterior wall engineering section, shall be in dividing joint, wall shade horn or spout for boundary.

( 9 ) not the rainy season construction, construction good wall protection measures to do a good job, not the effluent can be, debris scattered in wall as far as possible without touching the wall to keep the wall dry, clean. (usually remove the scaffold before doing the last surface coated )

( 10) concrete and plaster external wall surface of thin coating project main processes as follows:

A. sweep.

B. fill in the gaps, localized putty.

C. flat.

D. first putty.

E. flat.

F. second times putty.

G. flat.

H. primer.

I. The first time the surface coating.

J. patch.

K. second times the surface coating.

In five, project acceptance

The 1 coating engineering should be coated completely dry, can accept. Check the number, according to the area to survey 10%.

2 acceptance, should check the materials used varieties, color should comply with the design requirements and the selected sample.

3 applied thin-layer coating surface quality requirements:

( 1) no off powder, skin.

( 2) does not leak brush, at the end of.

( 3) without an alkali, color.

( 4) no flow around, knot in the mind.

( 5) the same color, without sand holes, pores.

( 6) decorative lines, color lines. (Ezra 5 line inspection, deviation not greater than 1 mm. )

( 7) the wall flat, no wave, 2 meters on the ulnar deviation detection, not more than 2 mm.

( 8) the corner square, flat.

( 9) doors and windows, lamps clean.

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