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Color tips
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Color tips

1, clever use of color to increase your space

If you want to keep your room look bigger, can choose light-colored wall or cold colors. Use a light or cold color painting room can make a small room feel slightly. For example, there is a kind of wise to ceiling painted white, to raise the height of the room. Paint the wall vertical striped pattern can increase the space height, which is especially suitable for painting the children''s entertainment room.

2, how to make the room more comfortable and warm

Use dark paint room, can reduce the large rooms open, but also for the room to add a more intimate atmosphere. If the room is long and narrow, it will need to use a light paint brush short length of wall, with a dark paint brush long walls, so as to " broaden " space. Want to strengthen the sense of space corridor used this method.

In 3, the ceiling for what color

Many times the white ceiling can be seen as a '' lid '' room, with different levels of white to show a more natural and harmonious effect. Rose White and pink wall, barley and peach apple white wall, white and green walls, to create a ceiling by the sun faded.

4, how the living room wall color

The general living room can be divided into the reception area, dining area, study area. To meet the living room multifunctional needs at the same time, we should pay attention to the living room is harmonious and unified; local beautification of each functional area is decorated, should pay attention to overall visual sense of beauty. Design should have a living room color tone, use what colour to serve as fundamental key, should reflect their preferences.

General bedroom is tonal use more elegant or partial cold tone. South bedroom has enough sunshine, can use the cold tone, north room can use warm colors. The tone is mainly through the ground, metope, end face to reflect, and decorations, furniture rise only adjust, the role of complement.

5, the study of color suggestions

The study is so quiet, can focus on, work and study places, generally should not choose too bright colors, but also not too dark. But if you need to engage in creative work, can consider to choose a few bright colors bring inspiration, but must pay attention to color harmony color, avoid messy to bring visual fatigue. On the choice of color in general can choose calm, fresh and elegant colors, such as white or yellow lines are very elegant color is preferred.

6, children room color suggestions

Children generally lively, bright color to jump more interested, therefore, children bedroom can be used bright yellow, blue, green and other bright colors. Generally speaking, boys room suitable for light blue wait for cool color as the dominant hue of the room; and the girl loves fantasy, therefore, the girl''s room can use pink and warm tone, to create a fairy tale romance sweet bedroom atmosphere.

In 7, the bedroom walls what color

In the design of the bedroom, the first thought should be comfortable and quiet, we can pass through the color of the bedroom to create a comfortable environment. Specific to the bedroom color choice, should be conducive to peace, relaxation principle. The reasonable collocation of color can let live better relax and rest.

The bedroom tonal should to the quiet, harmonious to the main theme, try to create a warm and soft, sweet romantic home furnishing private space. Larger bedroom, choose a broader scope wall decoration materials, while the smaller bedroom, is suitable to choose warm color, light color and pattern.

Bedroom color to furniture, walls, the ground general color as the main tone. For example, the wall is in the green series of tone, room fabric fabric is unfavorable choose too many warm tones.

Light color can make the space more open feeling, make room appear more spacious; the dark color is easy to make the space is compact, give a person a kind of warm and comfortable feeling. Bright colors can make people feel happy, exciting; and deep colors to give a solemn feeling of oppression.

In addition, bright colors in the strong light will generally appear more vibrant, warm can compensate the deficiency of indoor light rays, which can be used in the north or insufficient light, seem cold room, room to add warm feeling. And cool color can give people a fresh and cool feeling. The same space using both cool also use warm color with time, pay attention to color proportion coordination, to create a harmonious overall color effect, will not appear be. Because bedroom main function is to provide people with a place to rest, relax space, therefore, from be helpful for people to rest and sleep with the aim of, bedroom color contrast is too strong, the best choice to help those people relaxed and quiet, natural color.

In 8, the color of the bathroom

Bathroom color special attention should be paid to the tone and light, the color of the light it is best not to choose too bright too dazzling. Otherwise, it will become your every morning after getting up very sad thing. A bright fluorescent lamp can improve the intensity and the color of the wall. Sunshine, fresh pink such as yellow, pink, light green and pink can shape the clear and bright lively atmosphere.

In 9, the kitchen should be how to color

As a busy and hot place, you may never feel that the kitchen is large enough. Selection of light blue, light green or beige, can make the space expanding and shaping visual, clear and bright lively atmosphere. If you choose the color thick version, can change and a full-bodied Mediterranean style.

10, how to make the wall color and environment

You can from the choice of fabrics, fabric or carpet chair of select you want to color. In the selection of the carpet to the attention of the intentional and wall colors to distinguish from, or select more soft curtain to reconcile color system. The appropriate use of white make ceiling.

11, the use of the deep color of the matters needing attention

Some deep shades of color, for example, if they have a satisfactory durability and purity, it is difficult to reach the other colors can be provided covering power. So when the colours used in the rough surface, or already has been painted surfaces of any other color when, must increase the coating layers, or make the necessary steps of processing.

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