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Paint knowledge
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 Paint knowledge

 1What is paint?

2What is latex paint? Latex paint is synthetic resin emulsion as film forming material, water as diluent for a class of paint, has no environmental pollution, safe non-toxic, without the risk of fire, convenient construction, fast drying, Paul light color and good, good permeability characteristics.

The coating is a liquid, used for coating various objects on the surface, the dry after the formation of a protective membrane, to protect the coated object, and get the desired color.

Paint is the main ingredient:

Titanium dioxide: it has a direct impact on product color and luster.

Colloidal organic matter: it makes the product has good adhesion and mixed.

Solvent: it can be water or other organic solvents, and changes over time in the air volatile, drying.

In addition to the three major components, it also has various due to the product characteristics and the desired ingredients, such as: moisture-proof, alkali resistant, waterproof, strong adhesion, and other additives.


Latex paint composition : latex paint consists of base material ( the main film-forming material, pigment and filler ), various additives and water four parts.

3, water and oil respectively?

The main difference is the organic compound ingredients: Latex express agent

Alkyd said oil agent

4, ordinary water-based latex paint containing Acrylicr water-based latex paint respectively?

Acrylic is a very special latex paint raw materials, all current agent products in the best quality of products, it is used for indoor, and series of products.

Agent 5, what are the advantages?

Agent is characterized by: the tasteless, quick drying, easy construction, Yi Qingjie

Good water is thicker, in construction, not easy to open at the end, and the roller is not easy to spray falling on the ground.

6, what is the oil? ( natural oil)

Natural oil refers to a plant derived oil substance, it is used in organic solvent to dilute.

7, latex paint sheen is how the division?

Latex paint gloss is a gloss of coating film to decide, gloss of coating film is the use of fixed angle gloss meter to determine the. For latex paint, gloss can be divided into the following grades: ( 60 °gloss ): high light >85 °half light 40° - 60 °eggshell 10 - 20 °<5°matt.

8, why should I choose high-quality paint?

High quality coating is a good investment, it can make you save a lot of time and money. Because it has the characteristics of simple construction and high quality, long service life. Therefore, it is the actual cost of inferior coatings low 50%, and actual use effect to far better than inferior paint, so as to save you a lot of money increases with the comfort.

9, what is the coat?

It is a painting of the final coating, having a decorative and protective function. Such as color, luster, texture and so on, still need to face the harsh environment resistance.

10, what is the primer?

Primer paint general role is to promote the adhesion of coatings, prevent excessive penetration into the substrate which affect adhesion. The wall for supporting the primer, which in addition to increase the adhesion effect, can also be closed bottom material of alkaline substances upward migration, reduce the erosion on the lacquer.

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