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Personnel recruitment
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Operations Manager

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the overall operation and coordination of sales team;

In 2, the company responsible for organizing the regional agents the establishment of marketing network;

3, responsible for project operation.

Job requirements:

In 1, 35-45 years old, bachelor degree or above, 5 years or above working experience in architectural coatings industry;

2, familiar with architectural coatings project operation process, has the rich agent development, management experience;

3, rich team management ability, strong overall control ability;

In 4, has a wealth of customer business negotiation skills and familiar with architectural coatings project;

Marketing Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

In 1, according to the market and the company planning, analysis of market data, understand the market dynamics, according to industry to make marketing strategy analysis;

2, with the development of sales, management policy;

3, brand promotion, VI management.

Job requirements:

In 1, 30-45 years old, college degree or above;

2, with 5 years of architectural paint industry sales, management and brand promotion work experience, familiar with paint, estate or building materials market;

3, familiar with the coating operation procedure, have good customer relationships and channels, have a certain channel resources is preferred.

Deputy project development specialist ( internal, external coating )

Job responsibilities:

In 1, architectural coatings sales agents, engineering construction of channels;

2, to help agents to carry out engineering business ( negotiations, bidding, such as playing board ), the dealer project operation of guidance and training;

3, responsible for architectural coatings project follow up and customers to negotiate.

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, 30-45 years old, paint industry in the same position for more than 3 years work experience, strong negotiation skills and ability in organization and coordination.

2, familiar with construction process and construction bidding process, familiar with engineering board, budget, bid the work flow;

In 3, engaged in architectural paint sales, related coatings project is preferred.


Corporate culture: the cohesion, cooperation, service

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