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Kapok Paint products since 90 time end for " Guangzhou " Xinghewan ", Beijing Xinghewan ", " Shanghai Pudong " Xinghewan " Taiyuan Xinghewan " and " Erdos Xinghewan " and other high-end real estate residential projects to provide a large number of high quality paint products, and in our construction team under the continuous efforts, laid solid foundation for Xinghewan upmarket flats. Which is the construction of the " Shanghai Pudong " Xinghewan " Xinghewan, Shanghai garden ", " Taiyuan " Xinghewan " Guangzhou South Bay of the Milky Way ", large flats, within the exterior wall, are the use of Kapok Paint factory products. Because of our high quality service and product quality assurance, in 2010 by the " Xinghewan estate holdings limited " designated for long-term cooperation and friendly unit awards.


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